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"FOR REAL!!!!!!!! Some people only like the rules that benefit them.... Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn't a one way street anymore.....


STORMY™ _ You are a master of double standard, deceit, and frighteningly two-faced. "Hi Pot, remember me? I'm Kettle."


For all you hypocrites with double standards. Gotta love those people who tell you something such as 'You're so negative all the time," yet they are the ones who dish out all the negativity and never have one good word to say. Don't lecture me when you can't see your own pathetic behaviors

from Feels Like Home™

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I think that's why what he did bothered me so much. You don't text someone that you love them with one hand while cruising CL for c*** with the other hand. Can't stand a liar. Can't stand a hypocrite. Can't stand double standards.


Everybody wants loyalty, consistency and somebody who won't quit. But everybody forgets that to get that person you have to be that person.

from Berry

Don’t worry, be happy

Funny how that works with some people. No one else is forgivable except them, and no one else's past should be let go except theirs. No one has a say so in what is forgivable except God alone. Acting as judge and juror for other's mistakes is nothing short of blasphemy, especially when you don't hold yourself to the same standard of criticism.

that happens to me all the time...because people think Christians are fools and they should "turn the other cheek".....or in lay man terms ....put up with their BS...