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There are days that I question how I got by without my PastTense! That is the oil that also led me to this wonderful, life changing company!

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doTERRA Past Tense graphic Essentail oil Tension blend How to use essential oils

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These 2 are amazing. Deep Blue Rub and Past Tense from doTERRA.

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#doterra Past Tense for headaches and tension, order at

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dōTERRA Past Tense...perfect for tense muscles, migraines / headaches, sore joints, stress and anxiety.

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For tension headaches: Apply doTERRA Past Tense (blend), Deep Blue (blend) or Peppermint (single oil) across the back of your hairline and down the middle of your neck. This region is called the sub-occipital triangle. It allows pure plant essences (doTERRA essential oils) to penetrate straight into the brain and blood vessels that are along the spine. - Minnesota doTERRA

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Past Tense Essential Oil - to help people chill out. What I need is to get this in a spray bottle so I can spritz people who are too worked up for their own good.