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Dota 2 Trade

DOTA 2 Lounge Dota 2 Lounge (Dota2Lounge / was one of the premier sites for item trading. You could, and still can, go there and make a post with items you had and what items you wanted. Others would then see this listing and contact you to work out a trade. It was a great, free, [ ] The post Dota 2 Lounge What Happened to Item Betting? appeared first on Loot Market Blog.

DOTA Middleman Service Private trading of DOTA 2 items for money is a big industry. If you re trading with a friend or trusted source, all is well. But what if you want to trade to some random guy online? Most people aren t silly enough to simply trust that when you send the item, the other [ ] The post DOTA Middleman Service appeared first on Loot Market Blog.

Wings Gaming wins the 2016 International 'Dota 2' Championships Image: valve corporation/twitch By Kellen Beck2016-08-14 04:50:56 UTC Wings Gaming defeated Digital Chaos to win the sixth international Dota 2 tournament Saturday beating out 16 of the worlds best teams and taking home the first place prize of $9.1 million. The grand final was a close and exciting match up but the Chinese team Wings Gaming ended up taking first place after winning 3-1. After Wings Gaming beat Digital Chaos…

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GLHF Magazine Issue #7

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we foray into the MOBA scene with coverage of the latest WCS and discuss Riot’s attempts to balance the game. We also take a look at the dark heart of the Dota 2 trading scene. Last but not least, we re-visit a classic zerg strategy from one of our returning writers.