Nick Derington Doom Patrol

Casey Brinke has stepped through to the other side-but where exactly is that? Given all the bizarre, unexplainable things that have come into her life over the

Doom Patrol #6

Our first arc concludes! The Doom Patrol is back together, and their mission to take out the Vectra brings them in contact with another old friend. Secrets will

The new DC'S Young Animal line is off to a strong start, with DOOM PATROL #1…

DC Comics Doom Patrol - DC's Young Animal Nick Derington Cover *Description: The atoms are buzzing.

Doom Patrol #5 - Nick Derington

nickderington: “ Now presenting Doom Patrol The image was half inspired by Miles Davis’ Tutu album cover.

DC Archive Editions Doom Patrol HC (2002-2008 DC) 1-REP

DC Archive Editions Doom Patrol HC (2002-2008 DC) 1-REP