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Donut Chart with Expanding Data on Click

This is a card UI based donut chart created by Rafael González based on the design by Laura Ocaña. The center area displays the legends used in the chart, when you click on the donut ...

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Animated Donut Chart using JQuery and Snap.svg

Animated donut chart using jQuery and snap.svg will be shared in this post. A doughnut chart can be spelled as donut too. It is same to a pie chart which s

Variant of a donut chart using segment thickness in addition to arc length, which enhances segment-to-segment comparisons.


Data Donut Chart

A donut chart element I'm working on for a new internal analytics app.

A Cockpit Chart offers you to present facts and data in an easily comprehensive way on just one slide. It includes pie charts, donut charts, line charts and more. Download now at


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