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Dont Come Inside Me

People don't naturally think outside the box. Big picture is God's picture. It takes time to turn a big ship around. I can not wait to watch Him begin to work! It is not at all what I thought it might be which is even more awesome. Love comes in all different forms. He had to show me to think different first.

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How I feel sometimes...there's only so much my friends can handle hearing until they're tired of hearing about the same problems over and over again

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Now there r dread doctors and Scott's pack has fallen apart and this beast thingy is about to destroy them all....take me back

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Top 30 Inspiring Disney Quotes

A little bit of Honesty here... I'm not always Bright and Positive. Sometimes my Anxiety takes over and brings me down. But Despite this quote being quite dark and scary, The twist that it comes from a good story...'Alice in Wonderland' gives it some Beauty.

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After the ball I guess)) I wave at my family leaving and frowning when I see charlotte look away and start crying I turn around and walk back inside and walk down the hall I was wearing some casual jeans my hair in a ponytail I put my headphones in and swing my head back and forth my hands in my pockets of my jacket and don't hear you come up behind me

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Everything I say comes out all wrong and I'm not trying to sound like this, I just don't know how I'm supposed to communicate and I'm sorry and I hate myself and I try to change, I really do, but I just keep messing up.

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