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Who said it: Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler?

After the tycoon's call to ban Muslims from America drew comparisons with the Nazi dictator, try our quiz to see how similar his rhetoric can be

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Trump Memes - The Best Trump Memes 2016

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Yet More Misogyny From Trump | Rape in the Military | #RapeCulture #OhGodAmericaPleaseDontVoteforThisDick

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Just a load of old trash: Artist creates celebrity portraits out of their own GARBAGE

You're rubbish: Business tycoon Donald Trump has also had his portrait done which is on a backdrop of $100 bills and his famous comb-over hair is styled from an aerosol can, feathers, a tube of toothpaste and a hair roller

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What has happened to people that they could stoop so low as to endorse this unqualified, hate-filled bigot.

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