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16 Donald Trump GIFs You Cannot Unsee

MRW I'm a Canadian desperately trying to move to the United States because I think it's the greatest country on Earth, and I hear that the US mistakenly granted citizenship to 800 people • /r/reactiongifs

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Donald Trump’s Sons Killed Exotic Animals

Back in 2012, photos surfaced of the elder Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. & Eric Trump, proudly posing with the carcasses of dead animals they hunted while on a big-game hunting expedition in Africa. The photos showed Donald & Eric posing with a lifeless cheetah, Donald clenching a knife along with the bloody, sawed-off tail of an elephant, & the pair posing next to a crocodile hanging from a noose off of a tree.

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The One House Republican Who Can't Stop Criticizing Donald Trump