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Trump Stands up to Communist China's Threats, Talks To Taiwan

Breaking decades of US policy, Donald Trump speaks to Taiwanese President; risks rifts with China #breaking #decades #policy #donald #trump…

I presonally think he's just one of those of so-called haters that stare all mean when youre seating in a top-notched wjip, in other words he's angry cause china,japan and mexico are doing Much better than the US, but i dont think its true its to be honest.


I don't trust either of them but trumps definitely the better choice and has actually done some good rather then announcing war with Russia, I wonder how long he will live tho, now he's reopening the case of 9/11, before he has an "accident" or "commits suicide"...


Donald Trump breaks 37 years of US foreign policy and infuriates China with phone call to President of Taiwan #donald #trump #breaks #years…

from The Independent

China just lodged its first diplomatic protest against Donald Trump

China issues diplomatic protest against Donald Trump for phone call to Taiwan president | The Independent

Donald Trump will cause 'global trauma' if he imposes tariffs on China, boss of world's biggest mining company warns #donald #trump #cause…

from the Guardian

Trump's phone call with Taiwan president risks China's wrath

Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen speaks with Don the Con - What does she expect to get - certainly NOT good advice ! ?

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Donald Trump suits and ties are made in China

So what the BAGGA that SUPPORT his BUSINESS SAVVY say ?? Donald Trump blasts companies like Ford and Apple for manufacturing some products outside the United States, but Trump does the same thing with his clothing line.

from the Guardian

Gaffe or provocation, Donald Trump's Taiwan phone call affects global stability

Gaffe or provocation, Donald Trump's Taiwan phone call affects global stability US president-elect’s ill-considered dealings with Taipei illustrate inexperience that could be exploited by China, say experts