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Don't you want me

The Human League's Don’t You Want Me returns to charts after campaign from Aberdeen fans

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"Your responsibility to other people is in your intent and actions, not in their interpretations." ~ 55 Concepts. You do your best to be clear but people often hear through their beliefs and patterns and for that you cannot be responsible.

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I dunno why. Why would you copy me and my friends thang I mean bitch. We do cloud looking then you do it. We walk back and forth then you do it . What the hell is your problem, oh yeah you have a condition called HATERITISE

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as a friend don't tell me what I want to makes you fake. Tell me what I need to hear... You couldn't get more real.

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I've been pushed there for no reason and I'm not turning back!! People who hate…

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If you don't #sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice.

If you don't #sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice. #quote

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Don't Give Up

Don't Give Up — Sacha Stewart

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You can talk about me, trash my relationship, belittle my character, try to control me, try to ruin my friendships and spread lie upon lie until you're blue in the face. I'm secure in my happiness and my satisfaction with my life. You're vapor. You.dont.matter.

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