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KIPE- Its origins are actually middle eastern, who after migrating to the Dominican Republic brought along this wonderful Dominican food with them and it is now part of our culture. Also known as Kibbe or Kibbeh.For the actual ingredients etc Brown crispy outside with the inside filled with meat-ness good-ness-ness sometimes with a hint of spice and sweet in the form of raisins or perhaps olives

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Dominican Chimichurri Burgers #SundaySupper

A saucy, simply seasoned burger, topped with sauteed cabbage, tomato and onion, the Chimichurri Burger is Dominican street food at its finest! #SundaySupper

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Habichuelas con Dulce Recipe (Dominican Sweet Cream of Beans)

Habichuelas con dulce (Sweet cream of beans). It's very rare for my hubby to get homesick, but when he does it's always a food that evokes the good memories. And this apparently is one of those moments, a Dominican 'Easter moment' As a Brit, all I can say is, thank goodness for Aunt Clara!

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Dominican-Style Rice and Beans

Dominican rice and beans- so yummy, fresh and filling! i used half the (balsamic) vinegar and no butter worked out great!

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Pasteles en Hoja (Dominican Style Tamales)

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Dominican Yucca Empanadas (Catibias)

Dominican Yucca Empanadas (Catibias) recipe | Yucca or tapioca empanadas are a crispy, gluten-free and delicious classic recipe from the Dominican Republic.

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Cheese Stuffed Yuca (Cassava) Balls & Cilantro Dressing

Cheese Stuffed Yuca Balls & Cilantro Dressing

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