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Groundwater wind pumps are very effective but also pose real risks to flying wildlife, which are often killed by the turbine blades. Unfortunately all marketed bird and bat deterrents, including ultrasound, are ineffective and without evidence. It may be possible to trade a little efficiency for increased wildlife safety by en-caging smaller, domestic wind turbines in a manner similar to old-fashioned household fans. Alternative designs with fewer, or no, moving parts may turn out to be…


Domestic Water Pump 20 L Supply Home Garden Drain Clean Dirty Rain Pond Feature

The Niagra Centrifugal 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller Centrifugal Shower Pump increases water pressure to a gravity fed hot water system. The Grundfos 2.0 Bar Twin Impeller are ideal for a range of domestic shower applications.

Domestick Employment, Washing. A young woman wearing a frilled cap, gown with a patterned fichu and apron, washing linen in a bucket of water; after Mercier. Mezzotint


Submersible Pumps - 110v and 240v - We have large stocks of Obart Submersible pumps, divertron e-deep well pump, mini sub pumps, 110v and 240v Mizar pump, poma industrial pump, and domestic pumps. Also buy hoses for your pumps. UK Online Tools & Equipment