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Doha Prayer Time

Holy Orthodox Church, Syria. One of the first Christians in the world are under attack by FOREIGN terrorists funded by Qatar & Saudi Arabia and trained by Turkey. Wouldn't you defend your country against such people who behead and bite into a human heart in the name of religion! Tell your world leaders that you don't support and you don't want to fund this fake war. Time is of essence. Christians of Middle East are at peril if you remain silent!


Ilhan Omar, who become the nation’s first Somali-American lawmaker, said she was the victim of Islamophobic and sexist taunts from a Washington, DC, cabdriver while in his vehicle on Tuesday.

. Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower) If a poverty stricken person recites this name of Allah continuously or writes it and keeps it on him (as Taaweez) or recites this name of Allah 40 times in the last sajdah of Salaat-ud-Doha (Chast prayer), Allah will free him from poverty in an unexpected and amazing manner. InshaAllah.


Al-Baasit (The Expander) If you recite this name of Allah 10 times daily by lifting your hands towards the heavens (as in Du'a) after Salaat-ud-Doha (Chast prayer) and thereafter pass your hands across the face (as when finsihing Du'a), Allah will grant you self-sufficiency and independence. Insha-Allah.


Bergdahl left letter telling comrades he'd left 'to start new life'

Revealed: Bowe Bergdahl left letter telling comrades at Afghan base he was 'leaving to start new life and didn't want to fight for America' as Army announces he DOES face desertion charges... || So we exchanged high level Taliban killers who are freely roaming Qatar now for a low level deserter who cost other people their lives. Obama's affinity for Islam is dangerous to America.

Dear man of God, I write this letter to ask fo prayers - Dear man of God, I write this letter to ask fo prayers I have no means of coming to lagos, I have warked all my life, but I have achieved nothing, I am about to retire in two years time. My children dont have jobs they have not married, the elder is a technician, but he is drunkerd, the younger went to Qatar he was returned becouse the medical result x ray failed to read his chest, I have many other problems, please man of God pray fo…

One of my favorite things about being in the middle east is hearing the call to prayer 5 times a day. I first came across this in Fes (which is not in the middle east, but mostly Muslim). It's so surreal to be standing outside, especially on a veranda or on a roof and hear the call to prayer singing through the sky from every direction. - Doha, Qatar - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at