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20 Fun And Easy Games To Keep Your Dog Mentally And Physically Fit

Many #dogs cannot stay calm when they see another dog/person/somethg in their environment. They *react* instead of observe. These reactions are grouped into 4 behavior categories: -> Fight (barking, lunging) -> Flight (avoiding, hiding) -> Freeze (cowering, shutting down) -> Fool Around (jumping, mouthing) Positive reinforcement methods (ex. the "Engage-Disengage Game") help dogs to become less anxious/fearful:


Dog Training Basics: The 12 Step Dog Training Plan for your Dog (Obedience, Puppy Training)


HOW TO: Dog Training 101 - Puppy Basics. Are you a new puppy parent? Whether you just got a puppy or an adult shelter dog, your new family member has a lot to learn. In this free course I want to share the bare basics with you. These are the essentials you need to teach your dog within the first weeks of his or her arrival. Click through to download this course on how to teach your puppy his name, crate training, how to properly punish your dog


How To Make A Dog Training Obstacle Course on a Budget

Want to make a dog training obstacle course like the one you saw on your favorite dog show, but don't have a Hollywood budget? Check out these tips for building one without going broke!