Feeling very warm this summer? Your dog feels the same, if not worse because unlike humans, they (and cats) don't sweat at all! http://amzn.to/28UvKlD So it's important to make sure we are helping them cool off during these intense summer months! One easy and fun solution is to let them swim in a pool. :) This bone pool is especially made for dogs with its chew and UV resistant truck bed liner material. It measures 11"x44"x66" so that dogs of all sizes can use it!

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Dog Hydrotherapy Pool - Canine Exercise Pool Designed by RipTide Pools Doggy Swim

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I love this Dog Pool built in to the porch but Bella definitely needs the hydrant water feature for the hose!!

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This would be so cool for a doggie day care or boarding kennels! Again good for socialisation classes or fitness

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#PetSafety Around Swimming Pools - BlogPaws http://blogpaws.com/executive-blog/authors-team/posts-by-robbi-hess/petsafety-around-swimming-pools/

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