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Shedding Solutions for Short Hair Dogs (aka Shedding Machines

Once upon a time, I thought that having a short haired dog would mean less grooming, less hair and less shedding. BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! What a fool! Oh man, you guys. WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME?! My puggle, Kolchak, sheds like it’s his job. Luckily we have some solutions to keep dog shedding to a minimum.

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Tips To Control Cats and Dogs Shedding In Your Home - Tipsographic

Tips To Control Cats and Dogs Shedding In Your Home

If your long haired Chihuahuas shed lots of hair, just feed them some molasses once or twice a week. This will stop the shedding almost instantly. (They love the taste, it's messy so put it on a little piece of bread for them. It's safe & it works)

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6 Hacks Every Shedding Dog Owner Needs To Know About: Does your dog shed? Find out how to keep dog shedding under control, and which dog breeds you should NEVER shave.

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How To Remove Pet Hair From Every Surface

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UNISEX Dog Hair is My Glitter Tee | Soft Blend | Dog Groomer Gift | Dog Lover Shirt | Dog Sitter Gift | I Love My Dog | Pet Sitter | Shedder

UNISEX Soft Blend Tee Dog Hair is My Glitter Dog by opalandharv

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Lately I can't let a day pass that I don't read Texts from the Dog. I'd like to think that if my dog Ruby was still alive and could type, these are the kind of texts she'd send me.

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10 Natural Ways to Minimize Dog Shedding

Have a heavy shedder? Learn the top 10 natural ways to cut down on shedding and save yourself cleaning time.

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