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Matt Pugh Design Lighting. Fabulous, reminds me of when my dog had a cone on her head after her op! Think I may have to buy one of these :)

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This James Bond-loving dog wins best topical Halloween costume

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RGB LED moodlamp (sitting dog lamp)

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No more cone (lets be honest, we hate it as much or more than the dog does). Fold a towel up and tape it around the dogs neck like a cervical collar - no more licking!

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The Prescription Was Fashion

The look on that cat's face! "This may be funny now, human... but it won't be funny when I END you."

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from neatorama: That’s no moon. It’s a dog. Musha had to wear a cone of shame, so his human decorated it to make it more impressive to other dogs in the neighborhood

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That's what friends are for. Every time we are together you try to break me out and set me free! ;-)

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