I can justify this for my wall...Love it! Beautiful art with one of my favorite shows worked in :)

Clara. I personally love Clara, and think she's adorable. She's the companion that reminds me most of myself

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So I used to see this meme on Pinterest all the time before I watched Doctor Who and when I started and finally saw this part of that episode, I laughed so freaking hard I had to step away for a minute and then come back and rewind what I missed.

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These 12 Doctor Who posters are the work of Cake and Comics. This is a blend of art and geek. We like both here at Geek Native and are chuffed to see they have a store.

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A collection of the most memorable, meaningful, and magnificent quotations featured on Doctor Who.

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The opening lines from the Doctor Who episode "A Town Called Mercy" for Merlin. This fits a little too well.

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