"the pandorica opens" embroidery - heather ramsden, in the style of van gogh

"The Pandorica Opens" - Doctor Who Embroidery - NEEDLEWORK - I've recently taken part in the Doctor Whoopla Swap, and when my partner said she loved the Eleventh Doctor (my fave too!

Ah so cute embroidery doctor who

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76totterslane:  This collection is constantly growing. It actually takes me longer to make an outline for each Doctor than it does for me to stitch them. I needed some sort of identifier for Nine since his hair & features are sorta basic, so I went with “Bad Wolf”, though I think it looks sorta weird. Maybe I’ll come up with a better looking idea for him soon. Also, I’ve ordered more of those oval frames so all my Who pieces will be uniform hanging on the wall :)

Awsome Doctor Who embroidery

Doctor Who quote with Gallifreyan symbol border - counted cross stitch pattern

Doctor Who quote with Gallifreyan symbol border bought this one to, not done yet but already a thing of beauty

Perler bead Doctor Who TARDIS tutorial

Perler TARDIS tutorial