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Skarobucks Coffee

print this off and mod podge it on a coffee mug or cup and you have an instant Doctor Who "Skarobucks" Coffee ! non-white girl , it's all geeky girl. easy DIY *Screams*

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Let’s All Hope They Don’t Team Up

Really you can't do much when your a fan of the show without thinking you will be killed

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Galaxy cupcakes. Would be so cool for a Doctor Who party. And they have edible ball bearings. The Doctor loves those.

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You can never have too many Doctor Who-y things. Or too many teapots. Or too many Doctor Who teapots.

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But Brian wasn't at the Reception. He went to the Wedding, but Brian used to have a drinking problem when he was younger, and he avoids situations where social drinking might occur. And force his only son, and his son's lovely new wife to have a dry reception? No, sir. Brian Williams is a man who knows the meaning of sacrifice... and he always has a trowel.

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Cannot wait til this comes to Scotland!! ~ Legend has it British Columbia did prohibition better than anyone else. No, you couldn’t buy alcohol, but if you were feeling under the weather your physician could prescribe you a cocktail. Or two. Maybe they thought a dry martini was a cure for the common cold? Now, we're no doctors – though our distillery is in an old doctor’s office – but we’d like to think our handcrafted gin is just what you-know-who ordered.

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