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Visual Dose: March 29, 2016 at 09:34AM

Is it weird that when I see this picture all I can think of is somebody's head bobbing up and down, waving thier arms while shouting "STEVE!? STEVVVVEEEE!? WHERE ARE YOUUU!?!? I'M GONNA FIND YOU BUDDY!"


Tumblr gets deep<<~ IM HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS HELP! AM I IN THE BEGINNING OF THE CYCLE OR NOT, AM I RELIVING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, DO I EVEN EXSIST RIGHT NOW? THERE ARE TOO MANY QUESTIONS<<< Free existential crisis for everyone.>>am I alive or am I relieving memories? How many cycles have I been through? Is time even real, if I am dead? I'm confused.....


Every woman deserves a man who calls her baby, kisses her like he means it, hold her like he never wants to let her go, doesn't cheat or lie, wipes her tears when she cries, doesn't make her jealous of other women, is not scared to let his friends know how he really feels about her, and lets her know how much he really loves her.


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I ***DO NOT*** WANT A SOCIOPATH OF **ANY** KIND. A wolf in sheep's clothing is one wolf too many.