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Do Mermaids Exist? We Will Try To Answer This Question.

Here we just may have proof that Mermaids are real. Here we just may have videos and photos of real live mermaids, mermaid skeletons and a mummified mermaid. But is this evidence proof enough?

I lay relaxing on the bottom of the sea. I feel bubbles tickling my forehead from someone breathing. I look up and gasp seeing a boy above me. (I'm her someone be him) (Credit to @geekygirl8)


Então quando você estiver se sentindo muito carregado, muito cansado, e acha que sua casa está com uma energia estranha, use a energia da água para purificar o ambiente.


Animal Planet managed to 'hook' 3.6 million viewers with their new evidence that speculating that mermaids do, in fact, exist. In one heck of a War of the Worlds moment, viewers around the world starting sharing out the astonishing new video at lightening speed.


After reading this 100 times I think "wrong" should be removed. I feel like it's saying I think they don't exist when I completely believe that the do exist. Oh well, still like it. :)


95% of the ocean is still undiscovered... don't tell me mermaids don't exist yet. Do you beileve in mermaids? If so, these beautiful and mythic mermaid scale earrings are for you. No worries, no mermaids where harmed in the making.

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