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Its a great way to do spells to place the power in ur Deities hands so that your spells are not leading you down the wrong path. basically saying that this is what I want but I lay it in your hands god.


Do you have a green thumb or like to grow plants? Lucky for you, there are 3 healing herbs that you can grow at home that can treat common illnesses lie tummy problems and headache. Share this post if you think it's interesting! Also known as Saint Joseph's Wort, basil is more than just an ingredient in Italian pesto sauce. The French considered it as l'herbe royale or the royal herb due its... Read more @


Stunning 'LOVE' button artwork made with a selection of multi-coloured buttons of all shapes and sizes, individually glued in place and displayed in a beautiful deep box frame. Could do this for "WILL" to put in his room!

Oh how I love all the connections the writers work so hard to make!

These 5 simple and practical love magic rituals can help you being in new love quickly when done with some stellar focused intention.