kyung.. we all love you.. and its hard to tell u this... but ur a squishy... and squishies dont rock the caps as well as u think... just be cutie pie k❤️

D.O - 160212 Hat’s On website update Credit: Hat’s On.

EXO Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ album scans: omonatheydidnt

EXO D.O - 151102 ‘Love Me Right ~romantic universe~’ album contents photo Credit: exo_kaisoo.

Exo - D.O "My heart is soo tiny when I do it."

o kyungsoo é o amor da minha vida, sim ou claro?


D.O - 160920 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’


♛ Sprinkle Do Kyungsoo on top of cooked rice, it becomes a whole buffet / OneKyungsoo - EXO D.O.