beautiful Kasbah LED light chain to decorate your house. The line of glass Morrocan inspired decorations hand on a 3m line of lights. The full length including extra wire to the plug is 5.85m and comes with a transformer.

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Fireflies are a child's introduction to the existence of magic in the world and the possibility fairies do exist

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a wee little lazy gnome named Galagasco. You can read his story on our is the click:

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Do you believe in faeries? You just never know......just because you can't see them surely does not mean they don't exist....Believe!

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PLEASE DON'T FEED THE GOBLINS! Not even if it's just one wee little goblin with the most adorable (yet slightly odd looking) grin.

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Would be cool to write a myth where fairies get their wings from the ice off leaves

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