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This table is amazing! Thanks to @phompson & @chrissarine for building and designing this DJ table for me! #theresidentdj #technic1200 #rane #ranedj #toneharm #dj #turntablist #grippinthegrain

Replace the decks table with this in Steve's music room DJ Booth made from Ikea parts.

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Stereo T DJ Table by Hoerboard. Technology and design in perfect synthesis. Read more at CLEAN

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The DJ Stand

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turn table and decks could be in a pull out drawer/platform above the cabinets. Shelves above would be shallower...

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One of the most successful articles of all time on DJ Techtools was a how-to guide for building a home DJ booth out of Ikea parts, and it continues to be one of the top-ranking articles on our site every month. It looks like Ikea themselves might have finally read the article – have a …

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