Make your own washi tape with patterned paper and matte Scotch tape.

Make Your Own Washi Tape

We all love it. Admit it. Whenever you're in Michaels or AC Moore, you'll pick up some sassy little patterned washi tape to add to your ever growing

Jolies plumes en masking tape - Retrouvez tous les tutos et les masking tape de vos rêves sur notre site

“Made some washi feathers. Will tuck them away in some pocketletters. I love me some summer washi's! thx for the…”

DIY Watercolour Washi Tape! - Paper and Pin using only watercolor paints, tissue paper, and double sided tape

DIY Watercolour Washi Tape on Paper & Pin! Made with tissue paper that you paint, and double sided tape

How to make your own custom DIY washi-inspired tape..... - Jennifer Rizzo

make your own DIY washi tape, Masking tape, Acrylic paint, then using cotton ball dab excess paint off, and lastly stamp on designs. alternatively paint your own designs on.

Passion Shake | Washi tape hack: The simple way to make boring pencils cool |

Washi tape hack: The simple way to make boring pencils cool

Washi tape that's cool

DIY Binder Covers

Customize your back to school binders with this DIY washi tape binder cover tutorial by I Heart Naptime. Endless design possibilities for the creative mind and washi tape lover.

14 DIY Projects Using Washi Tape - A Little Craft In Your DayA Little Craft In Your Day                                                                                                                                                                                 More

14 Washi Tape DIY's

Ahh the beloved Washi Tape. As we all know, washi tape can be used on about anything. With all the different colors and patterns to choose from, why wouldn’t you washi tape everything? Here are 14 id (Diy School)

DIY Washi Tape Scrapbooking Projects | DIY Photobooth Strip Scrapbook by DIY Ready at

100 Washi Tape Ideas To Style And Personalize Your Items

14 creative back to school crafts using washi tape

14 Back to School Washi Tape Crafts

IHeart Organizing: DIY Washi Tape Organizer

DIY Washi Tape Organizer

Fabulous tutorial on how to make a DIY Washi Tape Organiser. With all the beautiful washi tapes available and it's great uses it's highly addictive.

DIY Washi Tape Pencils | Personalize your pencils for Back to School in 4 easy steps!

DIY Washi Tape Pencils

WASHI TAPE covered pencils - cute for kids, gifts for Lydia House, inserts in treat boxes (eg, Santa's Pants!