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Powered Rustic Speaker Bar with Bluetooth

Make a stylish speaker bar from scratch.


Trio of IKEA Salad Bowls Turned Into DIY Nautilus Audio Speakers

B&W Nautilus speakers are legendary, both for their audio performance and their iconic cabinet shape. But they are also rather expensive and we offer y


retro floor stander using Silver Flute woofer crossed with ribbon tweeter in a transmission designed cabinet.


Créer ses enceintes - Un DIY proposé par Barnabé Ribay !


How Speakers Work and an Intro to Building a Subwoofer Box

courtesy goes to: for the picture, thanks digispeaker! BEFORE WE START: I, for one, am very open to constructive criticism but any comments that seem to be hurtful to others and/or this instructable can and shall be removed. Thank You Alright, so before we begin we need to get some basic information down on what you are going to learn in this instructable. Ill be teaching you: Technicalities of speakers and subwoofers Choosing a subwoofer Formulas for turning a subwo...


Make your own Simple & Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Make Your Own Simple & Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker More