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DIY Draft: Step-By-Step Kegerator Plans

You can buy a ready-built kegerator, but with a price tag that usually exceeds $700, you're spending a lot of money to buy a fresher beer. Luckily, theres a better way to get a draft system in your home.

What This Guy Made With A Refrigerator Is Every Beer Lover's Dream

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If you do not know what a kegerator is, after seeing this couple’s, you will join the list of us who need one. Kegerators are draft beer dispensing devices. As the football season gets into full gear, a kegerator is perfect for those Sunday games or maybe you are like this couple and want to …


DIY Draft: Step-By-Step Kegerator Plans


Love the idea of redoing an old fridge for keg beers <-- if you make me this I love you... Seriously I will marry you if you make me this...