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New England bathroom design in shades of grey and white with tongue and groove panelling. ❤️ If you like this, why not head on over to for more modern country design inspiration, plus get access to our free resource library to help you to design and decorate your dream country home. ❤️


For those of you that emailed me asking how I made the butcher block counter tops... Here it is! I'm going to tell you exactly how I made t...


DIY Bathroom Countertops For $25

A tutorial on DIY Bathroom countertops that only cost me $25. It's held up for over a year now and is a great option to painting. Frugal and easy!

14 Reasons to Use Concrete Countertops in Your Bathroom

concrete countertops concrete counter with brass fixtures. Except change he brass fixtures to not brass.


DIY Concrete Countertop Tutorial

DIY concrete countertop tutorial with a video to help guide you through making your own concrete countertop. You can have new countertops in a few days, they'll look great and you'll save a fortune by doing them yourself!