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Japanese born, Iowa based artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann. These gorgeous fabric jellyfish, and felted anemones {is that what those are called?} were part of a huge installation at the Portland airport in 2012, titled “Underwater Flight”. It really did look like a huge, magical aquarium… so peaceful, so delicate, amazing.

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Winter Woodland Forest Scene Terrarium with Pine Trees

Nestled inside a crystal clear glass vessel is a moss-veiled path of natural stones winding up to secret groves of wooded landscape. This miniature forest scene is comprised of 3 varieties of moss which is an easy to care for plant requiring only minimal watering (within the terrarium environment) and filtered light. Regular room lighting is usually sufficient; do not place in direct sunlight. Features: • Measures approx. 10 tall by 5 wide • Includes plants shown; no assembly required •…

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Coolest nano reef saltwater aquarium ever. I think this one is only 7 gallons. Love their filter/sump cover.

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One of the most frequently asked questions in the reef aquarium hobby is "What is a sump?" Much of this confusion stems from the synonymous use of the words sump, wet/dry filter and refugium. Technically all three are sumps by definition, which simply means a reservoir or container of water. Check out this diagram to find out the differences and similarities of sumps, refugiums and wet/dry filters.

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24 Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

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Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a closed loop eco-system whereby fish waste provides natural fertilizer for the plants and in turn, the plant roots clean the water for the fish. It is a completely natural and chemical free-system that results in both animal protein and healthy, fresh vegetables