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Parisienne: ENOUGH …

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When You're Brave Enough to Say Goodbye

If you have to cheat, you're depriving everyone around you of happiness. Grow up and stop making excuses for being a selfish whore.

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daughter mad at dad because of divorce quotes - Google Search

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My favourite Frasier quote.

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Top 40 Quotes about moving on

Top 40 Quotes about moving on #image words

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I really don't wonder-he doesn't deserve that much of my time or thoughts. But he is a self centered a-hole who doesn't care about others at all!

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My Road to Recovery after Divorce, The Pain. The Journey. The Joy: Quotes I Like....From Pinterest

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divorce, relationships, giving up on people, walking away, marriage, heartbreak divorce quotes

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This is so sad

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So hard. I never knew how hard it would be to say good bye to you. If only I was given that chance. One last day with you.

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