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Divorce Group book and activity; goes with "Was It The Chocolate Pudding?" -- Good book, I would recommend it for children going through divorce issues.

from teach mama

talk with kids about emotions: 'inside out' mini-book and card game


A free e-book to help kids to identify, understand and name their emotions. Understanding emotions is an important first step in helping kids to heal. Designed for children of divorce, this book is helpful for children of all ages, teens and even adults to understand different emotions and recognize how those emotions show up in their lives.

from SwanWaters

4 Ways to Start Journaling for Emotional Healing

Emotional journaling. Can simply putting pen to paper really help you make sense of your story, help you recover and create healthy emotional balance that allows you not just to survive, but to thrive? Short answer? Yes!

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Counseling Activities for Children - Free Download and Book Giveaway


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