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Divorce Calculators: Interactive Marriage Survival Statistics

Dishon & Block - The Dishon & Block California Child & Spousal Support Guideline Calculator helps you determine the money you might owe or be owed as a result of divorce. #Dishon #Block #Divorce #App #Support #Calculator

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Software error overinflates thousands of UK divorce settlements

Software error overinflates thousands of UK divorce settlements An error in an electronic form used to help calculate the financial aspects of a divorce could potentially open old wounds for thousands of UK couples the Ministry of Justice has confirmed. T

Desperate to free herself from a loveless marriage, an Israeli woman named Viviane Amsalem files for divorce from her cruel and manipulative husband. But Israeli law and its Rabbinical court dictates that a divorce can only be granted under the husband's consent. Determined to obtain her dignity and freedom Viviane finds herself fighting an epic battle against a profoundly absurd legal system and her cold and calculating estranged husband. Released 6/9/15 (115 min)

Manipulators seek their own best interests while pretending they seek yours. To be fair this is true of codependents too. Their intentions may not be as malevolent as narcissists/sociopaths...but the motives can still be selfish