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I am not healing at all. Why? Because I keep going back to the very thing that broke me and I see clearly what he is doing. Finishing me off. He words today? What where you expecting? It makes sense. For three years he's been breaking me slowly. He then ignores what he's done, he comes back and confuses the situation, saying stuff such as, what? That was ages ago, that didn't happen? Now his final is him doing the whole. What? We are only friends, what where you expecting. He's an evil…

Did you know? Psychology says, men tend to forget but never forgive. Women tend to forgive but never forget [Love Facts on Facebook]


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Most wedding cake toppers are quite lovely. Classic, simple and elegant is a good way to go if you want a little bride and groom atop your cake. But not all couples heed this advice. They decide to get creative…

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