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Because of Reading...if you've read the books, you know why!


Because of Reading #Divergent. But 4 wasn't just a number before that! With the #LorienLegacies series! It is amazing! You should read it!


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... I know who she is and I highly encourage everyone who hasn't read the Hunger Games books to do so. However, it's extremely unnecessary for people to act as though not knowing who she is is an absolutely horrendous thing- it's really not that bad if someone is only a fan of the movie and not the books. We're all fans of the same thing, we should accept that not everyone has read the books. :-) Pinning for that^


Divergent Rated PG-13 for intense violence and action, thematic elements, and some sensuality

The Faction Four: 'Divergent' Receives PG-13 Rating for Intense Violence, Action, and Sensuality

Can I just point out the rating on this book about Four's perspective on Divergent? (via goodreads)

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Justice, bravery and Finality

Title: alliegiant Pages:526 Author: Veronica Roth Genre:fiction Rating: 9 out of 10 pens Ok first there was divergent the insurgent nd now the finale alliegant.........this book gave me life. I tru...