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EXCLUSIVE: See Tris And Four Defy Gravity In The Final 'Insurgent' Poster

Just got back from Insurgent! ! It was so much better then the first movie!! I seriously started crying <3

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This movie was good. Not as good as the book though. But overall for a book-to-movie adaptation this was quite accurate and brought me to tears.


Assignment: I love the movie. I liked it a lot. I thought Tris was played very well. Exactly how I imagined her. I thought Four was going to be hotter and blonde. I liked it how he was a Burnett it spiced it up a bit.


Honestly idk how to feel about the movie Allegiant because they completely ruined insurgent, like nothing was the same. Plus, there's spaceships in the background of this picture! WHAT THE HECK! IS THIS GONNA BE A MARS ATTACK OR SOMETHING!!!