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Spot on, in my opinion. I imagined all of them like this. Except, I always pictured Peter as a ginger.

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Tris from Divergent fan art drawing by Marion Parajes

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this is amazeballs idk how they did this but it is super cool beans

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Divergent Fan Art / Hunger Games / Catching Fire / FANDOMS UNITE / Katniss / Peeta / Tris / Four

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This is not real by on @DeviantArt

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Divergent. Will and Christina realising Tris and Tobias are together. THOSE FACES :O Christina is like :O and will is like :●

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I love me some Divergent minimalist posters

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~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

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Fan Art via Tumblr by

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by eskatoad: Beatrice Prior (Insurgent) "I don’t think I intended to make her look so terrifying when I started this... wait no maybe I did"

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