If this keeps up, I'mma have to make a Divergent board. #headdesk

Shailene Woodley, I thought this was pretty funny. All of the factions in the Divergent series. I love abnegation


You'll only understand if you read the book like me ya pansycake! Lol but seriously ;

This is to funny I had to post it! Lol Lol Lol Lol!

I know I would qualify for Erudite but, that is not writing to be corrected that is called a pun you ninconpoops.

The five factions and what they represent.

A book written by Veronica Roth entitled Divergent has set my heart ablaze and this is where I shall pour my passion.) To disclaimers: The Divergent book and the most of the photos are not mine unless stated otherwise. I only edit them and yea.

Sometimes when I take this test I don't like what I come out as so I change my answers so I become Divergent or Dauntless.

Divergent Faction Quiz

Divergent Faction quiz I got Divergent but I think I am a combination of Abnegation, Candor, and Erudite (maybe Amity or Dauntless but not so sure)