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Which "Hunger Games" District Do You Actually Belong In?

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THE HUNGER GAMES: Serves Up A New Course Of Fashion, Courtesy Of Artist Lance Temple | BAD HAVEN

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lol harry potter meets the hunger games. that would be a pretty epic movie... hmm.....

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I came from district 11, I was a victor but died from an illness one month after victory, i was reaped and i did the Hunger Games with Finnick odair

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My new wallpaper!

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That moment when you don't know if you should pin something on your Harry Potter board or your Hunger Games board... :/ Just pin it on both!!!

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my name is Multi Himinus. I come from district one, and I am the best at swimming. My best weapon is a bow and arrows, and i end up committing suicide for my loved ones. what do you get?

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