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The ill-fated RMS Titanic. Her distress signal received by the SS Burma is one of the most poignant surviving documents in history, says Peter Snow. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

from BBC News

Titanic: The final messages from a stricken ship


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3rd Nov: On this day: “SOS” was specified as the international distress signal in a signed document 1906 (Source: Castelli 2016 corporate diary/2016 diaries feature facts every day)

Russian submarine K-119 Voronezh assisted small boat during storm in White Sea June 8th,reports crew of small vessel realised it was running low on fuel,sent distress signal to home port Arkhangelsk.Authorities sent 2 ships helicopter to help,but 1st to arrive was K-119 Voronezh.4 crew 1 passenger from Barents-1000 boarded submarine which boat in tow.Oscar-class nuclear-propelled cruise-missile sub of Russian Northern Fleet,currently on way to base in Severodvinsk after…