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Why do we fall in love with people we can't have? Truth is, I've known you a while now and I never felt a thing but realised a few months ago that I really liked you... The worst part is that I can't have you... I can't lose you so I deal with it. Just know, YES - the feelings were for you and I like you so much! I'll always be here though, if you ever do decide you'd like to be with me.


This is like, so relatable when your talking to the boy of your dreams and you know you will probably never end up with him. But you keep on dreaming about it happening


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There comes a point in your life that you realize the same walls you've spent your whole life building 2 help you have also become the same walls that hurt you. Lack of confidence, trust & self worth sometimes enables the heart 2 love unconditionally. What some perceive 2b cold is in fact the hearts natural defense 2 shut the world out when pain is unbearable. Lifes philosophy. Pain is inevitable. The more you give the more you risk! So risk little, shut it down & build ur walls anyway! Js