20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma | Discussing Dissociation

Even if the memories of abuse are hidden from the survivor’s awareness, blocked trauma / unresolved trauma creates very noticeable and obvious symptoms that can be easily seen in their every day lives.

Dissociation Symptoms

Derealization is a component of anxiety disorder. It is a cousin to depersonalization. With derealization, the world and people in it may seem unre…

Dissociation, an Anxiety driving force of invalidation. via @SurvivingMyPast

Dissociation can fuel anxiety, as can perfectionism. I explore how Dissociating can contribute to anxiety and self shame.

Abandonment -- A Painful, Tender Hurt for Dissociative Trauma Survivors | Discussing Dissociation

Trauma survivors with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder typically have many abandonment issues that need to be addressed in their treatment.

101 self care ideas to help you refresh and refuel. Includes free self care checklist to help you stay on track!

101 Self Care Ideas (+ Free Checklist

you are real/you are safe; A sigil for dissociation, for derealization & depersonalization

A sigil for grounding, reducing anxiety, for the moments where you feel overwhelmed drink water; A sigil for self care & self love, for days where you’re low on spoons & need help you.