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Hate having to look at the wheelie bins in the corner of your garden? Does it kill the character? Well look no more with our Double Wheelie Bin Store!

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Interactive Litter Bins

Interactive Litter Bins - This London Litter Campaign Uses Fun Games to Recycle Cigarettes and Gum (GALLERY)

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How And Why To Build Hugelkultur Raised Beds

Hugelkultur raised beds are an excellent way to build large easy to manage raised beds and dispose of lots of garden waste and food. You effectively pile up garden waste, cuttings, branches, even logs! Add in your compostable kitchen waste and after you...

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Fracking produces annual toxic waste water enough to flood Washington DC

Disgusting. Why are we tolerating this? Are your gas prices lower? Even if they were, would that be worth the total destruction of what's left of our environment???

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What Food Waste Is Costing You and the Environment

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WWII Shopping and Food, England-This poster encouraged people to save peelings and food waste for the 'pig bin'.

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Saprobic mushrooms are essential for the survival of ecosystems. These mushrooms are fungi that act as decomposers, feeding on dead & decaying wood, leaves, litter & other organic matter. To digest this they secrete enzymes that break it down. This releases & recycles vital nutrients for other organisms & helps dispose of organic waste. In the photo: Mycena subcana (left) & Xeromphalina campanella decomposing a conifer stump in Ordeson-Todd Woods, Ashland, Oregon. US. Photo ©Mike Potts

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16-Foot Clothing Mountain Illustrates Hong Kong’s Daily Textile Waste

The Mountain was a high installation of creatively displayed secondhand clothes that represented a mere of the average textile waste going into Hong Kong’s landfill on a daily basis that was from to June, 2011 located at the Star Ferry, Hong Kong.

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Kirsty Whitlock: "Comparing herself to a magpie for collecting items that have been disposed and believer of “one person’s waste is another’s treasure,” Whitlock’s work reflects both history and nostalgia. She stitches found refuse into her artwork and then embellishes it with embroidery, wherein she creates a connection between the present and the past."

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Ginza Tanaka The nearly $2 million bag features a diamond shoulder strap that doubles as a necklace,

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