Ahhhhh pete

Ahhhhh pete


7 Disney Scenes That TOTALLY Should Have Happened

Mulan for one would have been killed if discovered before she became a war hero. And scar manipulated simba so he believed that the others would blame him

Bye bye chilhood :'DDD

10+ Time Tumblr Had The Best Jokes About Disney

What a plot twist though

What a plot twist though

Descendants 2 airs on Disney channel 10 June starring: Dove Cameron as Mal Sofia Carson as Evie Booboo Stewart as Jay and Cameron Boyce as Carlos

Details On DCOM “Descendants 2”

Disney Channel released details today (Friday, June about Descendants 2 being a go for sure. Along with Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart.

This is both funny and it makes me go "awwww!"...

Sorry guys, but it's not enough that you don't actively try to hurt people. We need you to stand up with us too.

Plot twist, the goth girl is actually a fairy, but hides it very well. < I want to read this now...

give me more preppy vampire lesbian and goth human bisexual girlfriend. can someone pls write this already!

Plot twist of Snow White.

Plot twist of Snow White.>>Hate to break it to peeps, but it's kind of already written in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer =/