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Prince Caspian Bloopers haha---it's just like act normal *sneeze* "bless you" then act normal again!

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Hahahahaha!!!! Jen's all like: "No! Go away!" And then there's Lana "I'm eating a piece of cheese"

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The New "Once Upon A Time" Bloopers Are Truly Hilarious

But nothing, in this video or in this WORLD, is more delightful than watching…

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Movie Scenes With Balls

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Yes here is the pictures... I watched a video of it and couldn't understand what they were saying... I GET IT NOW!!!!!!

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I am pretty sure they are doing the song and dance that Skandar invented for the call 'check the gates' when they thought a scene went well.

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10 Disney Bloopers and Easter Egg Moments That Make Their Movies More Fun!