I do love me some Disney!! And this is perfect for the girl who can't choose a favorite movie.

Disney was great & all, been there three times, but SERIOUSLY? 65 of the Greatest Disney Tattoos

Could make this into a couple tattoo. Me, the Minnie, and Spencer, the Mickey.

12 Cute Tattoo Designs You Must Love

"when i get married i want to have the mickey one on my wrist and my wife have the minnie one on hers" - awww

Evil Disney Princesses:

Evil Disney Princesses

Funny pictures about Creepy Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy Disney Princesses. Also, Creepy Disney Princesses.

Disney Compass #pocohontas #leaves #colourful designs #tattoo

Compass and leaves-Pocahontas, with the words "you must choose your own path" on it. Best friend tat with Lex!

Disney tattoos... instead of mickey ears tinkerbell and pixie dust around it

“Remember the Magic” - Disney’s Anniversary celebration theme song. Got this tattoo to remember all the happy memories from my many trips so far!) to WDW and to mark my birthday.

Mother Daughter Tattoos Ideas

40 Amazing Mother Daughter Tattoos Ideas To Show Your Lovely Bonding

When I hear "princess," I think elegance, grace, beauty, intelligence, and above all, class. With these adjectives in mind, I scoured the internet for minimalist tattoos of which any Disney princes...

Disney-Inspired Tattoos That You'll Fall In Love With

Disney Tattoo//Subtle Poppins behind the ear. If I ever had the nerve to get a tattoo this would be my Disney one.but different location. (You know cause I'm practically perfect in every way!

Omg Only Because Fox And The Hound Is My Fav Disney Movie. So Precious!

The Fox and The Hound, my favorite Disney movie. I am in love with this!

Princess tattoos. i think i may need one of these

David Gilson: Disney Heroines Simple Lines. Maybe I should get a Disney Princess Tattoo.

Disneyland Castle watercolor poster print, Cinderella castle, Walt Disney

Disneyland Castle

My original watercolor painting of the famous and glorious Walt Disney/Cinderella/Disneyland Castle. This iconic castle is perfect for your babe's nursery or could be a lovely gift.