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Decorated hagstones, or adder stones, believed by Druids to have magical powers such as protection against eye diseases or evil charms, preventing nightmares, curing whooping cough, the ability to see through fairy or witch disguises and traps if looked at through the middle of the stone, and of course recovery from snakebite. According to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water.

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High blood pressure levels. Are you in the RED? How about when your pain spikes? New studies have showed that blood pressure spikes and/or high blood pressure is becoming a common test to determine pain as it is one of the body's reactions to pain symptoms. Chronic Pain Patients should keep an eye on their BP.

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One of the most common Age-Related #Eye Diseases is #Glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of Blindness. It is a common disease of the eye which results from the dysfunction in the eye’s drainage system – the canal of Schlemm that leads to irreversible blindness. Because there are hardly any symptoms in the earlier stages of the disease, most glaucoma sufferers are unaware they have it. Continue Reading... #AgingEyes

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