The Villians of Equestria and Their Reasons. Queen chrysilais was the best reason... Not qsaying what she did is ok, plz do not try that at homr... Or any wer else

The Villains of Equestria and Their Reasons. Oh Discord. xD ok but trixie was corrupted by the amulet and said sorry in the end so technically redeemed

My Discord Cosplay by on @DeviantArt

My Discord Cosplay

I can just picture this when Discord feels like he'll never have Celestia back and then his daughter, Pinkie (she doesn't know she's his daughter because Celestia sent her to the Pie's when Discord turned evil) goes to comfort him because she's nice. Let me add that Pinkie's not an alicorn bacause Celestia cast a spell on her so she looked like and earth pony. The reason she has comic relief and she can jump really high is because she's actually an alicorn. ;3

Pinkie pie cheering up Discord.

And here we see the show CRUSHING the hearts of every Discord shipper...unless you ship Fluttercord.

I love this,it shows you how much discord actually cares about Fluttershy. I personally ship it but I also ship all the mane six in a polygamous relationship. I say mane six because I ship starlight with trixie

This would be something he'd do. XD He'd also make a FedEx and a UPS truck run into each other.

M & Ms and Skittles. Eatin hem together right now! Hey I totally want to do this I screwball?

Fluttershy and Discord by Famosity on DeviantArt

Fluttershy and Discord by Famosity on DeviantArt

cute pic of pinkie pie and fluttershy>>>>I saw the top of this and was like "What ship is this gonna be" then I looked and realized.

This'd be awesome with discord instead of pinkie pie

all i can think is... that flame looks so COOL :3 Discord by seahawk270

Based off of the artwork on the side of the SDCC version of Guardians of Harmony Discord and Fluttershy. Fluttershy can be found here: fav.

Equestria Daily: Discussion: What Do You Think Discord's History Is?

Baby discord "I wike chaos"

Loki and Discord Holy crap I've always thought Discord was like Loki...

art cartoon My art comic my little pony Thor friendship is magic chaos loki avengers horns Discord god of mischief

Ahhhhh! This is amazing!

Discord God of Chaos

Discord and Bill playing chess.

Bill Cipher and Discord playing chess.

Maud Pie knows what's up

Omg my friend does that, like i would say "this place smells" and then she would say "you smell" MLP, Maud Pie knows what's up

Friendship is Magic                                                                                                                                                                                 More

MLP - Sun Light by merrypaws

Equestria Daily: Nightly Roundup #1054

Happy happy Discord, My Little Pony artwork by S.


Eat it Dislestia Shippers!