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Disc Golf 101 – The Ultimate Guide for Disc Golf Beginners

Disc Golf 101 - Ultimate Guide for Disc Golf Beginners. This excellent resource will guide new players through discs, terminology, and everything else a new new disc golfer needs to know. From overstable and understable - to hyzer and anhyzer. From speed and glide - to turn and fade. It's all here!


Dynamic Discs Eric McCabe Signature Series Zig Pin Ranger Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Engineered with a low center of gravity to keep your bag upright. 'On-Deck' putter pocket holds two putters for quick and easy access. Large main disc compartment that holds discs. Large main,


Gateway Disc Sports Disc Chart Birdshot Disc Golf


I'm hoping this page will be a quick resource for everything Disc Golf in the UK. To get me started I'm including links and maps of as many courses...

Paper Airplane Golf We could have paper airplane making stations. Then we could have different baskets all over the student room Students can write their name on their planes and try to get them in the baskets throwing them from the mez Student with the most points could get a prize


Tabletop, bottlecap disc-golf baskets out of reclaimed and new PVC, chain, hooks and old keyrings. Center post hollow with holes for adding a glo-stick for "night putting"


Disc Golf Center Black Friday Sale


A challenging and fun activity for students and group play. Helps develop coordination, cooperation and confidence. Set up as a disc golf game, 9-hole course or target hoops. The 9 target outdoor set includes 9 each numbered targets (with 48_x001d_ center height), 36 each 95 gram discs, 9 each orange cones and 9 each steel ground sockets. Also includes a heavy-du...gross motor

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International Disc Golf Center

If you want to take a trip to the center of the disc golf world, the International Disc Golf Center and the PDGA headquarters, in Columbia County Georgia is the place to go. The international disc golf center has 3 challenging, long disc golf courses that will test any player for distance and accuracy. The longest of the 3 is close to 2 miles of disc throwing, up and down big hills and through thick woods.

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Lakewood Park Disc Golf Course