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The Disaronno Mule is an exciting variation of the classic Moscow Mule drink. An orange drink made from Disaronno, lime, sugar and ginger ale, and served over ice in a highball glass.


Disaronno Sour

Disaronno Sour | Tart and refreshing, this drink relies on only two ingredients, so make them count. Use freshly squeezed lemon juice (opt for sweet Meyer lemons or lemonade fruit, when in season during the cooler months) for the best result. If your lemons are too sour, you can add a dash of sugar syrup. A traditional sour is made with eggwhite but we’ve omitted it here so the nutty flavour of the amaretto shines through.

10 best cocktail recipes

Disaronno Stardust: Simply pour 50ml of Disaronno, 25 ml of Vodka and 25ml of Strawberry liqueur into a champagne glass and top with Prosecco or champagne if you're feeling flush. CHEERS!

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How to make the God Father Cocktail

The Godfather cocktail is a sophisticated, yet simple recipe. It consists of just two ingredients: scotch whisky and amaretto.

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Alabama Slammer - 1 measure Disaronno Amaretto, 1 dash soda, top up Cranberry juice, squeeze of lime

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Disaronno mimosa - combo of two of my fave things on the planet: Disaronno & Mimosas. DELISH

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The Blueberry Disaronno is a rich purple drink made from Disaronno, blueberry syrup and club soda, and served over ice in a highball glass.

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